Coaches & Teams

Interested in coaches’ training for you or your school’s coaches?   Have a coaching question?  Contact with any questions or to schedule an individual meeting online or in-person!

Check out tournament and judges’ training information on the Tournament page.

For complete details and regulations for this year, check out the Program Guide.

Coaching is fun and rewarding – but it can be hard work! Please use the following guides to help you along the way. If you ever have questions, we are always here to help:

Illinois Odyssey of the Mind has created an online coaches training, check it out!  Online Coaches Training

North Carolina Odyssey of the Mind has created an interactive coaching quiz that offers information about various elements of the program. We encourage new or returning coaches to check it out: Take the Coach Quiz!

Odyssey believes that students learn best and develop a stronger sense of pride and accomplishment when they complete tasks on their own. For these reasons, all solutions are expected to be generated and accomplished by the team alone and there are strict rules against “outside assistance.” Please use this guide to help understand what is considered to be outside assistance.