Practice Spontaneous Problems

The following problems are for practice only. For complete instructions for each of these spontaneous problems, please click here.

Animal Rhymes
Your problem is to make a rhyme using a name or species of an animal. For example, you might say, “I think mice are nice” or “There’s a cat in the hat.”

Be Patient
Your problem is to pretend you are a patient in an operating room and you hear noises and conversation. Say what you would like to hear or what you would not like to hear. You must begin each response with “I would like to hear . . .” or “I would not like to hear . . . .”

Cantilever Structure
You are to build a structure of toothpicks and clay that will sit on a table behind a boundary line. The structure will cantilever, or stick out, as far as possible beyond the boundary line without touching the table surface.

Your problem is: Use a word or words to make a first and last name. You must relate this name to an occupation.

Omer In The Basket
Your problem is to say something about the photograph of Omer in a basket.

Something In Common
Your problem is to name two things that have something in common and what it is they have in common.

Tower of Pasta
You have 7 minutes to make a structure that will be scored on height and strength.

Tug o’ War
Make links for chains and see how long they last in a Tug O’ War.

Twinkle Thing
Something’s been found from the planet Twinkle. What could it be?