Starting a Team

MA Odyssey of the Mind is here to help you get a team started. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

GPS to Great Problem Solving.

Membership Flow Chart Here. 

To start a team you will need:

1) Up to seven student team members. Teams compete in a division, and they compete against teams in the same division and problem. Grade level determines the division for teams in the U.S. In competition, each school membership may enter one team per problem for each division it covers. Community groups and home-schooled members may enter one team per problem.

The team competes in the lowest division for which it qualifies. For example, if a team qualifies for Division II, it cannot compete in Division III. The team member in the highest grade determines the team’s division as follows:

  • Division I — Grades K-5
  • Division II — Grades 6-8
  • Division III — Grades 9-12 (High school students taking accredited courses do not qualify for Division IV)
  • Division IV — Collegiate or above for ALL TEAMS. All team members must have a high school diploma or its equivalent and be enrolled in at least one course at a two- or four-year college or university. High school students taking accredited courses do not qualify for Division IV.

Still not sure which age division your students would be in? Use the division finder!

2) A Coach An adult coach, usually a parent or a teacher, supports and encourages the team. Browse the pages under Coaches & Teams above to learn more about coaching.

3) A School Membership In order to participate in Odyssey of the Mind competitions, a team must be part of a school or community organization that has an Odyssey of the Mind membership. As many as five teams may compete under one membership. Purchasing a membership is easy and affordable! Click here to learn more.

4) Creativity!

For complete details and regulations for this year, registered teams can check out the Program Guide!

Still have questions?  Check out our FAQs!