Team Timeline

Different schools and teams will have different timelines depending on a variety of factors, but this can be used as a general guide for how to plan for the activities across the year.

Make sure school has paid for national membership
Introduce Odyssey of the Mind to your student population
Identify coaches
Conduct an Odyssey of the Mind awareness training for coaches, parents, and team members
Attend state run Odyssey of the Mind awareness session
Meet with team and identify the problem they will solve
Check for State and Regional fees and requirements
Stay tuned to the state website for updates on important information through out the year

Attend Coaches Training
Meet with parents of your team
Finalize recruitment and commitment of your team
Read the problem with your team
Decide on team task timeline

Read the problem, Read the problem, Read the problem
Brainstorm, Brainstorm, Brainstorm
Practice, Practice, Practice
Spontaneous, Spontaneous, Spontaneous
Have fun, have fun, have fun…

Research, Read, Brainstorm, Practice, Work on props, Fun…
Keep practicing Spontaneous
Send in tournament registration forms and payment for each team
Judge/Volunteer Recruitment finalized

Make sure you have all registration deadlines met
Practice, fine tune, work on props, fun…
Make sure your judges know of training dates and attend

Prepare for the state competition
It gets crazy and that’s OK!!!
Make sure parents know of extra meetings that are needed
Remind state tournament volunteers of their commitment
Attend the state tournament and have fun with your team!

If you advance to Worlds…send in registration, raise support, and apply for a housing grant
Compete at World Finals
Enjoy the summer and look forward to next year’s problems!

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