Team Timeline

Different schools and teams will have different timelines depending on a variety of factors, but this can be used as a general guide for how to plan for the activities across the year.


  • Make sure school has paid for national membership
  • Introduce Odyssey of the Mind to your student population
  • Identify coaches
  • Conduct an Odyssey of the Mind awareness training for coaches, parents, and team members
  • Attend state run Odyssey of the Mind awareness session
  • Meet with team and identify the problem they will solve
  • Check for State and Regional fees and requirements
  • Stay tuned to the state website for updates on important information through out the year


  • Attend Coaches Training
  • Meet with parents of your team
  • Finalize recruitment and commitment of your team
  • Read the problem with your team
  • Decide on team task timeline


  • Read the problem, Read the problem, Read the problem
  • Brainstorm, Brainstorm, Brainstorm
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Spontaneous, Spontaneous, Spontaneous
  • Have fun, have fun, have fun…


  • Research, Read, Brainstorm, Practice, Work on props, Fun…
  • Keep practicing Spontaneous
  • Send in tournament registration forms and payment for each team
  • Judge/Volunteer Recruitment finalized


  • Make sure you have all registration deadlines met
  • Practice, fine tune, work on props, fun…
  • Make sure your judges know of training dates and attend


  • Prepare for the state competition
  • It gets crazy and that’s OK!!!
  • Make sure parents know of extra meetings that are needed
  • Remind state tournament volunteers of their commitment
  • Attend the state tournament and have fun with your team!


  • If you advance to Worlds…send in registration, raise support, and apply for a housing grant
  • Compete at World Finals
  • Enjoy the summer and look forward to next year’s problems!